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DBT Skills Training Groups

Learn specific coping strategies that can help you change self-destructive patterns of behavior while connecting to and learning from others who are committed to building lives worth living. DBT skills training groups alone or together with individual therapy can help you build the skills needed to transform suffering into new ways of living with meaning and purpose.


Young Adult DBT
Skills Group

For young adults between ages 18 to 30 years old who are struggling to get control over self-destructive behaviors, feel hopeless, alone, and often misunderstood by others, and are interested in building coping skills for changing these patterns. 

Dandelion Seeds

Adult DBT Skills Group

For adults of any age who are struggling with chronic misery, hopelessness, self-destructive patterns of behavior, who may have experienced that other treatments failed them, and are interested in learning new ways of coping with distress and emotional pain.


DBT Graduate Group

A process support group for clients who completed at least 6 months of DBT skills training and want to strengthen skills use and connect with others who are committed to ongoing DBT practice. This group has a special focus on behavior activation and increasing compassion towards self and others. 

Dandelion Seeds

DBT Friends & Family Consultation

Consult with Dr. Ashley Pierson, an intensively trained DBT expert, to learn about how people develop crisis behaviors such as suicide and self-harm, and learn ways to validate and support loved ones in changing crisis behaviors. The DBT technology is used to equip friends and family with tools for better supporting their loved one who is living with borderline personality disorder. 

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